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HOT – COLD Sensations from Camunia (Caldo – freddo – Sensazioni Camune)
Giuseppe Piovanellii
Dark, cold rocks heated by one’s own creations.
Red rocks getting hot by the sun.
Camonica Valley’s sun is of a clear heat.
The fresh green of vegetation.
The freshness of the snow on mountains peaks.
The thin rain,
The storm with its thunders and lightning and the water flowing down from streams to the river,
All is pouring into the lake.
Air scented with freshness
Wood means handling
Iron means handling
Rock means handling
Wood, iron and rock are the manipulation for amazing works of art.
Red, yellow, blue and green are for my paintings.
Works of art for my love for the history where hot and cold are life.
Where environment, people form Camunia are purity of creativity.



Al lago 1991 Simpatia 1991
Canalone il luce 1991 S.Pietro 1991
S. Vigilio 1991 Astazione cromatica 1992