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Mostra  Antologica 1967/97 Palazzo Congressi Darfo Boario Terme                                          a Luigia Negri

Vade-mecum to Giuseppe Piovanelli's painting

When you come to a viewpoint, your eyes blissfully feast on Leopardian infinite. It then happens that moods, emotions, feelings quietly glide in your inner space and time. The peregrine falcon, overhead in the bewildering sweetness of everlasting spirals, gently lends you its gift for exploring, perceiving, understanding what - being beloved - actually gives you impetus, joy and profit. The same happens with certain landfalls, when they change from matter into spirit thanks to inspiration or contemplation and convert themselves into ambience or mirage, turning reality into vision.
Art is the phenomenon which, involving our senses, turns usual viewpoints into fata morgana, and makes the land of soul flourish upon facts. This is not only a prerogative of avant-gardes (in fact, if you consider the past, think of a Giotto, a Raphael, Leonardo or Michelangelo), but it is something innate for the ones who don't want to be considered as slavish. They of course need to owe disposition, talent, tendency. It is also claimed they have a bent for it. What is, though, undoubtedly true is that they are all possessed by the desire, the quest for improving themselves. They want to make something new flourish from what has already settled inside.
This is exactly what the anthological exhibition proudly signed by Giuseppe Piovanelli shows: three work decades, from 1967 to 1997. He is a Camuno painter in his fifties deeply familiar with academy, but at the same time someone who has not been tamed or weakened by the inconsistencies of others, someone for whom a spade must be called a spade and boldly wears a pepper-and-salt goatee.

Giannetto VALZELLI

Romele - Piovanelli, 1967
Paesaggio invernale
olio su tela cm 110 x 90
Coll. privata

Angioletta, 1968
Olio su tela cm 70 x 100
Coll. privata

L'albero, 1979
olio su compensato cm 32 x 40
Coll. privata

Primavera Camuna, 1981
olio su compensato cm 100 x 90
Coll. privata

Incontro, 1990
olio su compensato cm 24 x 41
Coll. privata

Camunia, 1994
olio su compensato cm 70 x 50
Coll. privata