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 Collective exhibition Aprica 1980                                

From Luciano Spiazzi

Piovanelli conveys the measure of his vivid colour dried up in the light, dry as a wall exposed to the sun. The landscape becomes a stirring boasting of nature. Lake Sebino is a liquid expanse beyond the houses where the whirl of his brush-strokes seems to get quiet with the waiting boats moored in the harbour.
Piovanelli gives shape in a kind of two-dimension tapestry with changing colours and vibrating cores as if the shape itself gets involved in an energy that lives in the whole composition. The figure as well which stands among fields and lake views is involved in the same throb. The painter from Grattacasolo, a core of houses scattered on the first valley slopes, has been coherently developing some basic intuitions from years. Expression and impression mix in the strong feeling of existence.



Collina verde 1969

Lago d'Iseo 1970

Paesaggio 1977

Paesaggio 1978

La prima neve 1978

Olivi 1979