Piovanelli Giuseppe was born in Darfo Boario Terme in 1945.
He got a diploma at the art high school in Lovere and at the Art Academy of Brera in Milan.
He teaches Art and History of art at the science high school “Meneghini” in Edolo (BS).
Public institutions as well as private collections in Italy and abroad host his art works. He has been interviewed by the press and on TV.
His painting has matured in a land that gets constantly off in water, in space, in the sky and in the mountains, the real scene of silence and meditation.
It can’t be defined impression painting of landscapes, but it is always intended to seize the essence of the environment and life that has been flowing through the time since the very beginning of existence.
Images and emotions melt in the light, in his clean brush-strokes of red, light blue and yellow. They joyfully filter the events of his birthplace and recall the stylistic elements already engraved on the rock of this valley still before history.
He lives and works in Via San Zenone, 10, Gratacasolo of Pisogne 25050 (BS) in the Camonica Valley. Tel: 036489292, e-mail g.piovanelli@libero,it